2020 Agua Linda Dues update

Dear Agua Linda Community,

In order to meet expenses that will preserve our pool for the future, while recognizing the hardships many members currently face in the COVID-19 crisis, the Agua Linda Pool Board announces the following policy updates and action steps:

(Please continue reading this notice in the Members Only section of our website).

Message from the board

Dear Agua Linda Community,

There’s no need to recite how disruptive the pandemic and lockdowns have been to all aspects of our lives, including our swim season at Agua Linda. In light of state and local health departments’ mandates, we will not be able to open in April, and realistically do not know when it might be possible. The Board is aware that you may have questions about how dues and gate guard responsibilities will be equitably handled if the pool opens later in the season. We are working on contingency plans, keeping in mind that Agua Linda has certain fixed expenses that must be met to keep it going into, we trust, a better future. As soon as we know more, and can develop detailed suggestions, we will communicate with you via email. Your patience and understanding at this time are much appreciated.

Web Newbold
Agua Linda Swimming Pool President

Swimming Season Closed

The Agua Linda Pool is current closed for the 2019 swimming season. The next general meeting will be scheduled for March 2020. And the 2020 swimming season will open in April 2020. Specific days to be determined and will be posted here (and announced on our Groups.io e-mail group).

Lifeguard Hours

Letter from the President:


We are now back on the school schedule for our lifeguards and so they are only working on the weekends from 12:00pm to 6:30pm. For the safety of our members, please remember that children under the age of 16 must have an adult with them when no lifeguards are on duty.

Gate guards have reported back that children are coming to the pool only to have their parents show up later. Gate guards are not life guards and children should not be at the pool without their parents after 6:30pm on the weekends and at anytime on weekdays. In addition, when the life guards are not on duty please watch your children when they are in the pool. Again gate guards are not life guards.


Liz (Agua Linda President)

Parking at the Pool

Agua Linda Parking Lot Entrance

Letter from the President:


I hope you have been enjoying the pool this summer.

We have received complaints from our neighbors regarding parking on Moreland. Apparently driveways have been blocked on multiple occasions. When visiting the pool, please park in the pool parking lot and if that is full, park on Seven Hills. We have also received complaints about cigarette butts being littered in our neighbors yard outside the Moreland gate. We have agreed to put a collection bin outside the gate which will be placed there this weekend.


Liz Curtin (Agua Linda President)

We are moving to Groups.io

This season we are migrating our members e-mail group from Yahoo Groups to Groups.io. Groups.io has a better web interface and allows us to manage our members information more conveniently. Also there were reports that Yahoo Groups was losing the occasional e-mail. The Agua Linda board tested the use of Groups.io during the 2018 season and the experience was positive.

Most of the current membership are signed up on Groups.io. If you have not yet signed up for Groups.io please send an e-mail to the Agua Linda IT Support board member stating your member name and contact number.

We will continue using both Yahoo Groups and Groups.io until all current members have signed up for Groups.io at which point we will retire the Agualinda members yahoo group.

Message to Members

Please note, keys will not be activated for members with outstanding balances or unscheduled gate guard duties. It can take as long as 72 hours to activate your keys. Gate guard sign-ups are now available via the Members Only section of the website. Members are responsible for signing up for gate guard.

In previous years, near the end of the season, more members needed gate guard slots than were available, while dates early in the season went without gate guards. Please sign up for gate guard early in the season so we have all dates covered and avoid missing any gate guard coverage. If there are no available dates which work for you, please contact the Agua Linda Vice President for help finding a task/project which counts towards gate guard duty.

Agua Linda Pool is open for the 2019 season.

This year’s annual membership meeting was held on March 9, 2019. Some details about the meeting are available in the Members Only page.

If you are interested in purchasing (or selling) a membership, please contact the Agua Linda Secretary.

Closing Day for the 2019 season is October 20, 2019.