Rules/Regs: Things To Keep In Mind

Dear Members,

It’s good to see so many of you at the pool enjoying the sunny (but cool) weather and our expanded freedom. With additional folks attending, many of whom are new to Agua Linda, I would like to remind everyone of the updated rules and regulations. The full text of these has been emailed to all members, and posted in the larger glass case on the pool building. Here are some main points to keep in mind: (The rest of this notice can be view at the Members Only section).

Pool Restrictions Dropped Because of High Heat

Dear Members,

The weather forecast calls for high heat in the next few days. Your pool Board has therefore decided to drop COVID restrictions tomorrow, Thursday, rather than wait until Sunday. 

  • Essentially, you will be able to come and swim at any time there are lifeguards present (1 pm to 7 pm); no advance reservations will be required.
  • Masks will not be required for anyone in the pool area outside; unvaccinated persons are asked to wear masks in the bathrooms
  • Social distancing is dropped.
  • There will be no screening.
  • Our normal 9 am to 9 pm schedule will resume on Sunday; gate guard duties will also resume then.

Please bear with us in this accelerated transition. We also encourage you to be familiar with the updated Rules and Regulations; they may answer many of your questions. Enjoy the water!

Changes in Protocols as COVID declines

Dear Members,

We have been open about a month now, and the Board has approved making changes in our protocols and procedures, in response to popular interest and a declining COVID risk. Beginning on Sunday, May 23, members will have access to THREE reservation slots in addition to the lap swim. The two-hour-in-advance reservation and cancellation rule has been dropped. Members may watch for an opening, and sign up online, at any time. However, if you arrive at the pool and there are already four member groups in attendance (three general and one lap), you will be asked to wait until the next available open slot. [This post continues in the Members Only section].

Update – May 17

Dear Members, 

We have some staffing challenges this week and next, and may be canceling some swim periods that have no reservations. Be sure to sign up or cancel at least two hours in advance–this will be very helpful. This whole week is forecast to be cooler and breezier than normal, so please take this into account when making your swimming plans.

Next week the Board will be announcing changes to our operating guidelines, in view of the improving COVID situation. If California’s planned reopening in mid-June happens as forecast, there will be even more welcome changes then! Have a good week, and thanks again for your patience and understanding.

Web Newbold