Extra Hours

This weekend the pool will add additional swimming hours: on Friday, 7 to 8; on Saturday and Sunday, 12 to 1 and 7 to 8. Please remember that reservations and/or changes should be made at least two hours before the selected time slot. If there are no reservations by 5 o’clock for the 7 to 8 hour on any of these days, the staff may close at the normal time.

 To cancel or reschedule, follow the links in your confirmation email.

Extended Hours this Weekend.

Welcome back to sunshine and good air! Since this weekend is likely to show us some warm weather, the pool will be opening at noon and closing at 8 on Saturday and Sunday. If there are no reservations by 5 pm for the last hour, the guards may close at the normal time.  

I want to thank you all for making our unusual season work so well! In signing up for one swim period at a time, and listing all swimmers, and especially in observing social distancing and mask wearing on the pool grounds, you have enabled us to swim in a safe and enjoyable environment in an uncertain time. Enjoy the weekend!

Web Newbold, President

Agua Linda Pool Re-opened

Since the air quality has improved over night, we will open the pool today, Tuesday 9/15, for regular hours from 1pm to 7pm. We will keep monitoring the air quality, and if it takes a turn for the worse, we’ll need to shut down. But right now things are looking good!

Agua Linda Pool closed

Because of the poor air quality and the uncertainty of improvement, the pool will remain closed until further notice. We will evaluate the situation each day, and cancel reservations for each day we are sure we won’t open. Thank you for your continued patience and fortitude, and stay safe.

Air Quality on Labor Day Weekend

We seem to have our fill of adversity this year. Numerous fires in the region have meant that smoke has not been clearing up, but has gotten somewhat worse over the past 12 – 24 hours. The Board will be monitoring air quality and make a decision tomorrow morning shortly after 10 whether to open. If the AQI is over 120 and trending upward, we will not open tomorrow, as frustrating as that will be. We thank you again for your patience and understanding. Please stand by.

Web Newbold
President, Agua Linda Swimming Pool Corp