Air Quality Update

Dear Members,

After doing some extra research, I believe the policy I announced in my recent Update email was probably too conservative. Last year we closed the pool when the air was unhealthy, but we had a different situation–guards were always present and pool keys were turned off. This year, with active keys, members should exercise their own best judgment. In cases of extremely dangerous air, however, we will completely close and turn keys off. So here is what we will do going forward:

If it is forecast that the AQI will be consistently over 150 for several hours or more, we will advise members via email and excuse lifeguards (on weekends). If AQI reaches 200 we will completely close the pool and turn keys off. We will let gate guards know in advance of they are excused from duty; they should call Denise Senft or me if they have questions or concerns. 

The pool will open as usual today as we continuously monitor air quality. Thanks you for your cooperation at this time.