Labor Day Weekend

Dear Members,

As we look forward to a warm weekend, I would like to mention several things to keep in mind:

-The pool may be crowded at times. When it is, please refrain from activities that could interfere with other swimmers, such as using large rafts or other flotation toys, ball throwing across the whole length of the pool, excessive noise, splashing, and so on. Lifeguards are responsible for maintaining a safe and comfortable environment, and should be obeyed at all times. 

-COVID protocols remain as they have been, in accordance with county guidance: observe social distancing as much as possible and wear face coverings when in the bathrooms.

-If you use one of the gas grills, be sure to clean the grate and turn the gas off when you are finished.
-No glass food or beverage containers should be brought to the pool. Broken glass is hard to clean up completely, and poses a danger when a lot of people, especially children, are present. 

Let’s all have a fun and safe weekend!