Request for Gate Guard Sign Ups

Hello Agua Linda Family,
Happy Father’s Day! 

I am reaching out today to ask the members who have yet to sign up for their gate guard, to please do so as soon as they can. We’re in need of a June 27th gate guard, as well as several other dates. I have another request…with lowering the required (2) gate guard shifts to (1) shift per membership, we’ll be short by approximately (25) days. If we could possibly have a few more members sign up voluntarily for a second gate guard, that would be wonderful! I also want to thank a few of the families who have already generously signed up for (2) shifts…the Otero, Folks, and Klepatsky families, “You ROCK!”  Consider hanging out at the pool, BBQ and have a great time while closing the pool down! It takes a village to keep our pool going. 

Signing up is easy. Sign into the, “Members Only,” section then click on the, “Gate Guard Sign Up.”
Thank you for your consideration and membership at Agua Linda!

Vice President