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Agua Linda Pool is privately owned by its 120 member families.

The availability of memberships can be quite volatile during the summer. There may or may not be memberships available directly from the pool corporation. However, existing members may sell their memberships at any time directly to new members. We keep a waiting list that is used to connect sellers with potential buyers.

Annual dues are currently $500 after the purchase of a membership. The price of the membership varies, please check with the secretary for the most recent sale prices. There may be some additional costs associated with the transfer of memberships.

To be added to the waiting list please e-mail the Agua Linda Secretary. Provide the full names of all the adults in your household, as well as a contact phone number.

The membership transfer process is listed below.

  1. Potential buyers provide adult names of their household to the pool secretary in order to perform a Megan’s Law check. This must be done prior to any transfer of membership, whether the waiting list is used or not.

  2. Sellers must be in good financial standing with Agua Linda Pool, no outstanding fees or dues, in order to perform a transfer. The buyer may pay outstanding fees but they must be paid prior to the transfer.

  3. The buyer takes on all seller responsibilities such as gate guard requirements.

  4. It is required for the buyer to review the Rules and Regulations and Bylaws prior to purchasing membership.

  5. Seller negotiates with buyer the cost of the membership. There are transfer fees that will be due at the time of transfer to Agua Linda Pool Corporation.

  6. Once the sale is complete between buyer and seller, the seller provides the buyer with their original stock certificate and returns their pool keys.

  7. The buyer contacts the Agua Linda secretary to set up an appointment to finalize the transfer. The secretary will provide a membership form, short summary of rules, and link to full list of Rules and Regulations and Agua Linda By-laws.

  8. The new member will receive their own stock certificate and pool keys.

  9. Please note, it may take a few weeks for the check to clear.

  10. New member join the Agualinda Members email group ( in order to receive Agua Linda Pool emails.

August 22, 2019